Here at The River New Kensington, we believe in passing on our faith and knowledge and sharing in our experience with the next generation. That is where KidsQuest comes in! KidsQuest is our Children’s Ministry Program that is for children Preschool through 6th Grade. Every weekend we have an awesome experience of games, activities and a small Biblical lesson led by an awesome team of volunteer teachers and helpers!
    Gathering Times: 
       Sunday: 10:00AM

Mission and Vision Statements

Mission statement:

Our mission in The River New Ken KidsQuest is to lead the next generation to make the decision to follow Christ beginning with accepting Him as their savior. We will help them experience, know and share the love of Jesus by spending time with God, spending time with others, using their gifts and sharing their stories with boldness, confidence and originality. 


Vision Statement:

Our vision for KidsQuest at The River New Ken is to help our next generation live Spirit-filled lives by helping them to develop an intimate relationship with God: through prayer, reading God’s word, and learning to serve Him. Our future vision is: to touch the future generations; reach out to other children beyond our local church; mentor them in evangelizing; and to involve them through participation in events and outreach.

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Michael Eckert
Children’s Ministry Director – New Kensington Campus

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